We are data, analytics, and technology geeks who want to make the world a better place.

Inspired and motivated by our work in the Analytics team at the Obama Campaign, we are now focused on creating state of the art digital tools for social good organizations. Our goal is to make sure every social good organization - non-profits, advocacy groups and charities - has the best, easy-to-use, and effective analytics and technology tools and we are working hard towards that!

Our first product, Targeted Sharing, transformed how the Obama Campaign used social media and social networks. It now has the potential to change how non-profits, charities, advocacy groups, and other social good organizations use the power of social networks to do everything - including fundraising, volunteer engagement, digital organizing and advocacy, and content sharing.

How does it work?

We found that trusted friends are more likely to convince people to take some action than the same message coming from a large, non-personal organization. At the core of our product are our machine learning based intelligent targeting and influence models that can make that insight actionable at scale.

We ask their clients' supporters to authorize us to access their Facebook social graph. Our algorithms churn through all that data, apply our statistical models, and compile a prioritized list of their friends that are ideal targets for different types of asks (fundraising, volunteering, content sharing, advocacy, etc.). This list is presented to the supporters through various channels such as the web, facebook, and email. The supporters then share this content with them, causing their friends to take the desired action from the content, resulting in improved outcomes for our clients.


We're currently conducting pilots with a select group of clients

and will be launching publicly soon.