Edgeflip is a data-driven company for mission-driven causes. 

As data scientists who led the Obama 2012 Analytics team, we offer insight and expertise to make the most of your social media platforms, generating influence that results in action.

What We Do

We solve one of the most daunting problems facing all organizations that seek social impact: how to grow a network of likeminded people to become a force for action.

By applying our Targeted Sharing™ technology to your network's existing Facebook engagements, we help you grow, enhance, and drive your network toward the actions you want them to take.

What We Know

Causes are campaigns. At the core of every campaign is an effort to influence people to do something. "Believing" is never enough. Intentions must convert to action.

Everyone is an influencer. With certain people, around certain issues, at certain times. We know how to discover, measure, and use that influence to generate action on behalf of causes that matter.

Data and technology can unlock influence. Social media tools can drive big results. Edgeflip understands the highest and best use of the social media tools that are easily and widely accessible. When our tools and analytics get behind your cause, your networks will expand and start acting on your behalf.

Who We Help

We work with advocacy groups, nonprofits, and other social impact organizations to engage and inspire a new generation of advocates, donors, and volunteers. We help campaigns target their message, persuade voters, and get out the vote. And we empower mission-driven companies to link their commitment to corporate social responsibility to measurable results and brand engagement.

Get Started

Edgeflip is the only company with experience creating social media campaigns that generated social action on a national scale. We're here to help you do the same.

Using the same technology we developed on the Obama 2012 campaign, we'll give you the tools and training to unleash messages via social media that will return unprecedented insights about your network, and allow you to activate supporters in an unprecedented way. They share, we analyze, you win.


Launch Team

Rayid Ghani


Rayid is passionate about using data for social impact. Before co-founding Edgeflip, Rayid was the Chief Scientist for the Obama 2012 Campaign. Currently, Rayid is also a Research Director and Senior Fellow at the University of Chicago where directs the Center for Data Science and Public Policy and the Eric & Wendy Schmidt "Data Science for Social Good" Summer Fellowship Program.

Matthew Rattigan


Before co-founding Edgeflip, Matt was the Lead Analyst for the Targeted Sharing program at Obama For America. He led the development of several digital analytics tools used in the Obama 2012 Campaign. Matt has a PhD in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where his research focused on identifying causal dynamics in social network data.

Jesse London

Software Engineer

Jesse joined Edgeflip in mid-2013, inspired by its social mission, novel tech, and compassionate people. He meticulously crafts its ones and zeroes to this day. When he's not programming, you'll find him on his bike, rabble-rousing, or out-of-town.


Tristan Crockett

Software Engineer

Tristan grew up in Chicago, spent a few years working in Boston, and then returned recently to the Midwest to join Edgeflip. Ask him about running, brewing beer, playing bass guitar, and accidentally setting off alarms at the office.

Chris Snyder

Product Manager

A newcomer to the third coast, Chris spent the last 10 years building supercomputers in New York City. He now looks after Edgeflip's growing family of products. In his free time, you'll find him riding his bike, sipping bourbon, or fronting his indie rock band (but not all at once). 


Chief Operating Officer

Lydia joined Edgeflip in December 2014 to help advance the reach of great causes.  She’s been a consultant, Yahoo and banker, and has an MBA from Duke and a bachelors from Northwestern.  When not running after her two young boys, she’s searching for the next great meal to eat.


We're hiring!

We have several open positions in Engineering (Front-End, Back-End, and Devops).  For more information, have a look at our jobs page, or contact us directly at jobs@edgeflip.com.



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